Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo-a-Day - April: Day 27: Somewhere You Went

 Photo-a-Day - April:  Day 27: Somewhere You Went
I've been to England, France, driven much of Eastern Canada from Toronto to the end of Nova Scotia including Prince Edward Island, and a bit of Mexico,  I've absolutely loved them all.  Still I am staggered by the incredible diversity and landscape of our own United States, and the parts of the 37 states I've visited. 

I don't do as many road trips as I once did, but one of my favorite drives is still 395 along the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada in California.  I've driven it several times, en route from Oakland to Phoenix and return.  There are never many cars and, on this occasion, I had the road to myself for most of the trip.  Coming over a rise and seeing the mountains before me, always gives such a lift to my soul.

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