Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Redemption Point by Candice Fox

First Sentence:  There were predators beyond the wire.
Former homicide detective Ted Conkaffey is barely able to leave his house after having been arrested yet released for lack of evidence.  Supposed to have raped a young girl Claire Bingley, he has lost his wife and daughter, and he is being threatened by Claire's father.  His partner, Amanda forces Ted out to investigate the murder of two young bartenders.  Originally thought to be a robbery, the pieces don't quite fit.   These are cases which could bring redemption to those involved, or just might kill them.
Characters; strong, compelling characters can make or break a book.  Once can often forgive massive plot holes if the characters are interesting and compelling.  Fox's characters are that in spades. 
Although this is the second book, Fox provides an excellent summary of everything one needs to know about the history of Ted by taking one straight into the thick of the story.  The portrayal of someone who is presumed to be a criminal, yet knows they are innocent, and the realization that he who one presumed to be a monster is, in fact, only a man, is very well done. 
Then one meets Amanda.  What a wonderful character she is; quirky, brilliant, observant, she lives by her own set of rules.  It is impossible not to be drawn to her.  Conveying tender emotion isn't always easy, yet Fox does it so beautifully. 
There are other major characters, and each is fully-dimensional and interesting.  None of Fox's characters are simple.  Each is complicated with a past, as is true in life.
As for the plot: one has nothing to fear.  There are no weaknesses or plot holes here. 
Fox creates a plot which draws one in and keeps one there from beginning to very end.  There are three threads to the story.  As two begin to join, the tension increases.  She presents simple ideas about which one never thinks in a way that makes them meaningful and important. She points out the damage lies can do.  The momentum grows as pieces fall into place. 
"Redemption Point" is an excellent book by a truly remarkable writer with a story which is compelling, tense, brutal, sad, and ultimately hopeful.   One may find Fox at the top of their favorite author's list. 

 REDEMPTION POINT (PI-Amanda Pharrel/Ted Conkaffey-Australia-Contemp) – EX
      Fox, Candice – 2nd I series
      FORGE – March 2019


  1. This really does sound like a good read, and I'm very glad you enjoyed it. I'm especially glad you've posted this, because I need to read more of Fox's work, and just...haven't yet. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. You're welcome. She has quickly risen on my favorite author list. In fact, I just received notice that the 3rd Crimson Lake book is on its way to me. :)