Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photo-a-Day - Sept 2012 - Day 2: Father

Photo-a-Day - Sept 2012 - Day 2: Father
My Dad!  My older sister Nancy and I struck gold with our Dad.  His job caused him to travel quite a bit while we were growing up and only recently did I learn how much he hated missing os many of our school events.  At the same time, he was great when he was home and was the best at road-trip vacations, which I still love doing, and ensuring we saw as much of this country as possible.

I shan't say we didn't go through our rough spots.  I was the 60's liberal daughter to a WWII veteran, Republican father, but over the years we've become closer than I'd ever hoped.  He gives the BEST hugs!  I am so blessed to still have my Dad.  He's 92 years old, still looks great and is doing fine.  Love you, Dad!

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