Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo-a-Day - January 2013 - Day 16: Two Things

Photo-a-Day - January 2013 - Day 16: Two Things
It was a wonderful blessing to be introduced to the works of Shakespeare by a teacher who really knew how so to do.  Even before opening a book, we would see a movie of each play, then we would watch the movie again while following along with the text, we would then read and discuss it in class and, finally, see the film again. The reward, at the end of the year, was going into New York City and seeing a stage production.  From this, I learn to truly love Shakespeare.

When, in 1986, I saw an advertisement for this pair of Romeo and Juliet candlestick holders from the Franklin Mint, how could I not have bought them.   They are much beloved and treasured by me.  And, because everything in my house is secured with Quake Wax, you also see on of my many class candlesticks as well.  Sorry, that does rather take it to 3 things, doesn't it.  

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