Thursday, October 27, 2016

False Positive by Andrew Grant

First Sentence: “I lied.”
Det. Cooper Devereaux has been called back from suspension to partner with relative newcomer Jan Loflin, investigating the disappearance of a 7-year-old boy.  Did the parents murder the boy?  If he was kidnapped, why have there been no ransom demands?  While the case brings up events in Devereaux’s own past, Loflin seems to be investigating both the case, and her partner.
The book starts with very short chapters that jump between characters, and file information meant to discredit Devereaux that has been sent to Loflin. There are also cliff-hanger chapter endings.  Fortunately, the last does improve as we get further into the story.
The characters are interesting; Devereaux who carries a lot of past around with him, Loflin whose motives are suspect.  They are an interesting combination, but somewhat stereotypical.  While Jan seems to be a “by-the-book” cop, Devereaux style is more “what book?”.  However, Jan’s insecurity and gullibility does become a big tiresome until you understand what motivates it.  Each develops and becomes both more complex, and more interesting, as they story progresses.  One can appreciate who Devereaux’ PDST is woven thru the story.

Devereaux is very much in the macho-man, marches to his own drummer, style of protagonist that men might like to be, and women think they'd like to find...but only for a short time if one were honest.  There are aspects of him to be admired, but others at which one is inclined to roll the eyes.  But, hey; that's what fiction's for.  
Grant does have a good voice—“Devereaux had always thought of the fourth floor conference room as the place where enthusiasm went to die.”  He also does do a very good job of conveying the stress under which the parents of a missing child would be.
False Positive” is an exciting read, full of wicked twists all the way to the end, although the final twist was rather predictable.  Still, if you’re looking for an escapist read for a weekend, or airplane trip, here it is. 

 FALSE POSITIVE (Pol Proc-Det. Cooper Devereaux-Alabama-Cont) – G+
      Grant, Andrew – 2nd in series
      Ballantine Books – Jun 2016

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