Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photo-a-Day - May 2012 - Day 25: Unusual

Photo-a-Day - May 2012 - Day 25:  Unusual
This spire by artist Andrew Goldsworthy is a permanent structure within the Presidio (former Army Base, now a National Park) in San Francisco.  He planted seedlings around it so that, in time, the will disappear within the surrounding trees. 

The spire is made of about 40 cypress logs pressed tightly enough together to form the impression of a single trunk tapering at the top. It reaches 100 ft. high.  The logs are fixed to one another or to a central 17,000-pound log with steel rods.

If you look carefully at the very top of the spire, you'll see a hawk that just happened to land while I was there.

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