Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo-a-Day - May: Day 11: Kitchen (Not posted on FB)

Photo-a-Day - May: Day 11: Kitchen (Not posted on FB)
The prompt only says "Kitchen" so I though about finding a picture of my dream kitchen (a combination of Tuscan and French with a huge farmhouse table), but decided I'd be honest and post my own kitchen.

However, you should know that if you ever visit my house, it's fairly well guaranteed that the counters won't be this clean.  I am the world's messiest cook and, day-to-day, not that meticulous about having pristine counters.   My kitchen very much appreciated the clean-up I did for this photo.

I am not a person who would ever desire an "open concept" kitchen that can be seen from the rest of the house.  In fact, this was taken from my den and there are two 20" lace panels that hang in the opening leaving only about 18" of clear viewing.  There is also a standard door from the kitchen to the dining (at the end of the fridge counter) that has a pocket door I can close when there are guests.

There are good and bad points about having an apartment kitchen.  The good first.  It's the biggest, best laid out kitchen I've ever had with tons of counter and deep cabinet space.  You can't eve really see the counter and cabinets in the right of the fridge.  I have a corner sink below a corner window and, ta-da, a dishwasher.  The room is large enough that four of us can work comfortably.

The less good points are pink and grey Formica counters and, yes, the original 1968 avocado, drop-in stove/oven.  But everything works and my friends and I have produced some wonderful meals from this kitchen.  More importantly, we've had a very good time in their making.

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