Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Photo-a-Day - Aug 2012 - Day 07: Sport

Photo-a-Day - Aug 2012 - Day 07: Sport
Rowing -- Ginger Rogers Swans; the boat lightly skims over the water while the rowers sit backwards and work like crazy to propel it.

Sports are not really my thing as I am one of the least competitive people you'll ever meet.  However, sitting on the banks on the Thames I saw these gentlemen and thought of my friend Jody.  She was the coxswain for the men's crew team while at Stanford University.  How could I resist taking this for her?

I also remember is living in Watertown, outside Boston, and seeing one man commute from there into Boston and back every day, except during the dead of winter, in his single-man scull.  It always seemed the most wonderful way to commute; on the water with no traffic. 

A friend and I traveled on business to Boston, many years ago.  She was kind enough to indulge my pleasure of watching all the crew teams practicing on the Charles by our staying in a hotel room with one king bed but a river view.  Now that's a friend.

Recently I learned that one of our newer members to the East Bay Mystery Readers' Group, now in her 60s, has been part of a women's crew team for years. 

So for all the rowers who do while I have the pleasure and memory of being one who watches, this is in recognition of you.

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