Friday, August 31, 2012

Photo-a-Day - Aug 2012 - Day 31: Hidden

Photo-a-Day - Aug 2012 - Day 31: Hidden

I don't know how well you'll be able to see this.  I love pictures containing things which are hidden from first view.

In Palo Alto, CA., at the Allied Arts Guild there used to be a shop called Lyon's Fine Prints.  There was a pass-through entrance to it from one of my favorite needlepoint shops; Old World Designs.  One fateful day, I made that short walk.

Lyon's had a treasure just waiting for me.  This is an Arthur Rackham original color plate for the first edition of Midsummer Nights' Dream published by William Heinemann, London in 1908.  There were only 1,000 copies of the book published, each containing 40 tipped-in color plates.

This illustration was for Puck's song.  In pencil, attached to the illustration, was written:  "Up and down, up and down, I will lead them up and down:..."

Needless to say, I had this museum-quality framed by my favorite framers; Creative Framing.

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