Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photo-a-Day - Oct 2012 - Day 03: Short

Photo-a-Day - Oct 2012 - Day 03:  Short
There is nothing more frustrating than coming up short of finishing the thing on which you're working.  It's even worse when you know, with absolute certainty, you've no more of that color. 

The good thing is that this is one of 30 squares I'm making to send off to Knit-a-Square.  The squares are then taken and made into blankets for the 1.9 million AIDs orphans and abandoned children in South Africa. 

Because the children love bright colors, I shall remove what I've done of this row, switch to another color, and finish the row and this square.  Only four more to go before I pack up all 30 squares, along with packets of plastic weaving needles sent to me by generous friends, and ship them off.

Thirty squares isn't a lot, considering the need, but it's something and it contributes to squares received from crocheters and knitters all around the world.  I only send 30 at a time, as shipping to South Africa is very expensive and that's all I can afford. 

If anyone knows a company who would either like to sponsor our shipping, or ships regularly to South Africa and would be willing to receive packages from around the US to ship on to South Africa for us, we would be grateful beyond words. 

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