Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photo-a-Day - Oct 2012 - Day 04: What You Read

Photo-a-Day - Oct 2012 - Day 04:  What You Read
This collection of short stories, by British mystery author John Harvey, is more a case of what I read, and I am reading, to review for I Love a Mystery.  John Harvey is probably best known for his Charlie Resnick police procedural series, but he has also written a trio of books with protagonist Frank Elder, and numerous standalone mysteries.  Among his many talents is the fact that he is also a published poet, traces of which are very evident in his writing.

I was very lucky to have attended a reading and signing by Mr. Harvey.  It not only introduced me to his work, but I learned he is also wickedly funny and very charming in person.

Ordinarily, short stories are not my favorite reading.  By the time I am thoroughly engrossed in the story, it's over.  Mr. Harvey, however, is such a fine and talented author. 

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