Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photo-a-Day - October 2012 - Day 28: Looking Back

Photo-a-Day - October 2012 - Day 28:  Looking Back
Looking back at only six of the 13 homes in which I've lived. 

Top Left:  From ages 2 weeks to age 6 - Atlantic, IA
Middle Left:  From ages 7 - 9 years (we rented a house for a year while this was built) - Atlantic, IA
Bottom Left:  9-10 years old - one of two houses in Fremont, NB

Top Right:  11- 13 years old - first house in Morris Plains, NJ
Middle Right - 13 years old through high school and until my parent moved from Morris Plains to Kansas while I was living in Boston - Perhaps my favorite of all our houses
Bottom Right:  The 3rd place I lived in Boston - An 1830's house in which I rented the right side from 1972 until I moved to California in June of 1975

There are a lot of memories associated with each of these houses.  It's fun to look back at the houses.

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