Saturday, November 10, 2012

Photo-a-Day - November 2012 - Day 10: School

Photo-a-Day - November 2012 - Day 10: School
This is rather self-explanatory--my high school graduation photo and commencement program. 

From here, I attended one year of junior college (hated it!), and then went to Katherine Gibbs School in Boston.  KGS was the Harvard of executive secretarial schools--and cost only $300 less than Harvard.  Most of the secretaries to the Presidents of the United States were Gibbs graduates, as well as CEOs.

My life took a different route.  Although I began as a secretary, even for the Director of KGS Boston, I quickly moved into administrative management, managing a team of 25 people at 22 years old, and then on to my true love, marketing.  It also lead me from Boston to California.

It just goes to show that you never know where life will lead you.

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