Monday, November 5, 2012

Photo-a-Day - November 2012 - Day 5: Well-worn Book(s)

Photo-a-Day - November 2012 - Day 5:  Well-worn Book(s)
 There are threebooks I've had for years.  They are much loved, much used and, sadly, falling apart.

The top book, whose sad, worn spine also shows, is "The Volume Library:  A Concise Graded Repository of Practical and Cultural Knowledge Designed for Both Instruction and Reference  -- Profusely Illustrated (c) 1933.  It originally belonged to my Grandparents, then my mother, and now to me.  It is, in essence, a encyclopedia but is chock full of the most fascinating information and a book in which I can get lost for hours. 

The Goody-Naughty Book belonged to my mom.  I was always fascinated by it, as a kid, for the way it had been printed in the two directions.  I snagged it for my collection when I was still young.

The lower right book is the Scholastic Readers copy of Jane Eyre.  It was the first book I bought with my own money.  I bought it in 6th grade.  It has been read, and re-read countless times to where I can no longer read it as many of the pages have come away from the spine.  Although I now have newer, hardcover copies of Jane Eyre--Jane Eyre being my desert island book--this copy will always have a special place on my shelves and in my heart.  It started my passion for collecting book.

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