Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo-a-Day - March 2012 - Day 18: A Corner Of Your House

Day 18:  A Corner Of Your House
The problem, again, wasn't finding a corner, but deciding which corner.  I like this photo as it shows three corners and some of the things I love.  The cabinet on the left was my paternal grandfather's, the étagère in the center belonged to a friend who was downsizing and know I would love and appreciate it.

The barrister's bookcase is a story of its own.  I worked, for a time, in an old building on Post Street in San Francisco.  It was a wonderful building with quarter-sawn oak doors and frame and marble floors. 

Down the hall was a wonderful, semi-retired, elderly gentleman with whom I would often chat.  His entire single-man office was filled with oak furniture that I'm certain he had bought new.  When we were told we all had to leave the building as it was being torn town for a new complex, I mentioned that if he decided to sell any of his pieces, I should love a chance to buy them. 

Coming back from lunch one day, he stopped me, pointed to the barrister's case and the captain's chair you see in the foreground and said "These are for you."  I was floored, and ask, repeatedly, if please could I buy them.  "No, no." he said, "You have always been so charming and lovely to this old man, I want to give them to you."  I hugged him and told him I would never forget him. 

I never have.  Thank you, Mr. Thompson.

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