Thursday, June 21, 2012

Photo-a-Day - June 2012 - Day 21: Where I Slept

Photo-a-Day - June 2012 - Day 21: Where I Slept
If I'm really tired, I fall asleep wherever I am.  When I decide on an intentional nap, here's where you'll find me.  The chair is a wall-hugger recliner, whereupon my cat T.S. has decided the one corner is a scratching post.  The multi-toned blue needlepoint pillow is one of a set of four I made based on Amish quilt-square patterns.  I use it for the small of my back, and the roll pillow for my neck. 

I'm one of those people who has to have a cover when I sleep.  If it's very chilly, I use the striped afghan Gram Nissen made me.  If it warm, I use the magical quillow, with foot pocket, made by the lovely Sandi Tipple.  The matching pillow I use under my knees.

The footstool I originally made for my parents.  They bought their first house in Sun City West, AZ -- their ninth to that point out of 14 overall.  So I had an idea of the house, mom sent me paint chips, carpet samples and tile samples.  My parents have always loved birds and remarked on the number of quail they had in their yard so when I saw this canvas, I knew it would be perfect.  I went through at least 3 set of colors for the leaves before I was satisfied.  In order to match the carpet on which it would sit, I blended two shades of beige wool.  A few years ago, when then downsized, mom sent the footstool back to me.

A special note:  Sandi Tipple is the wife of author and reviewer Kevin Tipple.  The family is going through extremely hard times.  Their grown son is disabled and lost his job; Kevin has severe health issues and cannot work, and Sandi undergoing cancer treatments.  Even so, Sandi makes and donates chemo caps to her fellow patients.  They could use any help one can give.  You may either donate directly through Kevin's blogsite, or help by buying items handmade by Sandi through her store on iOffer.  I see she does have a Christmas quillow for sale on the 2nd page of her site.  Please do help them, if you can. (The Tipple's don't know I've posted this, but they're wonderful people.)

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