Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photo-a-Day - June 2012 - Day 25: Where I Shop

Photo-a-Day - June 2012 - Day 25: Where I Shop
There is very little shopping being done by me these days other than for the necessities.  However, when you have a market where the staff is friendly and goes out of their way to help you, it makes and otherwise boring task such a pleasure.

The other day I was doing a major, re-stock the cupboards, fridge, freezer shop.  Even all my cat supplies of dry food and litter were needed.  In other words, a lot of heavy items.  I was delighted when Jamatu (on the right) appeared and started unloading my cart for me saying "Here, pretty lady, let me do that for you".  Okay, so calling me "pretty lady" was being very generous, but always appreciated.  Then Tommy (on the left) rang thing up, ensuring I received all the discounts available.  He asked whether I'd found everything and when I mentioned one item I'd been unable to locate, he said he knew right where it was, dashed off and returned with it immediately.  Jamatu bagged my groceries, took them to my car and loaded them in the back for me.

I know they were just doing their jobs, but they did it with warmth, enthusiasm and consideration.   Kudos to Safeway for their excellent staff and their excellent training.  Kudos to Tommy and Jamatu for making a job I really don't enjoy, very enjoyable.  And yes, I did go back in to compliment them to their manager. 

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