Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo-a-Day - June: Day 18: Something You Don't Know Abourt Me

Photo-a-Day - June: Day 18: Something You Don't Know About Me
I have always loved music and loved to sing.  In grade school, not only was I in choir, but had an a cappella quartet for which I arranged a medley of songs that won the school talent show.  By the senior year of high school, I had managed my schedule so I had 2.5 periods of choir a day; 1 period of Girls' Glee Club which was all a cappella, and 1.5 hours of 8-part chorus. When I lived in Boston, I was accepted into the Handle-Hayden chorus.

When I moved to California, I had my connections for choral groups until, while getting my hair cut one day, I learned of The Distaff Singers.  I was a member for three years, two of which I was vice president of the board, and had a thoroughly good time.  After the third year, my need for a chorus was satisfied. 

However, what very few people know is that I was also part of the synchronized swim team. I am probably the least competitive person one could ever meet,  Competitive swimming appealed to me not at all, but synchronized swimming is water dancing and I loved it.  Unfortunately, the third major ear infection put an end to my synchronized swimming career; thus, no photo of me with the team so this is my graduation picture instead.


  1. And now we know part of the rest of the story... *smile*

  2. Oops. I meant to remove the last paragraph. Instead, I've added the missing photo of my graduation picture. You'll probably be the only one who sees it, which is okay.

    I love that you're reading, and commenting, on the posts.