Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Photo-a-Day - July 2012 - Day 11: Letter

Photo-a-Day - July 2012 - Day 11: Letter
It's a simple little note of no consequence, really, but it means the world to me.  My Gram Nissen, mom's mom, was, and still is, such a major influence in my life.  I told her story on May 7th:  Someone Who Inspires Me.  But this is about the letter.

It was one of those really emotionally dark days we all have but don't like to remember.  I don't have those days very often and am generally good at getting myself out of them, but I was having more trouble this day than most.  I was going through the drawer of my library table looking for I know not what.  I absolutely believe in the adage "the universe doth provide". 

There, in the back of the drawer, was a little slip of 3" x 4.5" slip of paper.   It wasn't the words that mattered, although I love the pillow cases, tea towel and potholders.  What mattered was that in that little note, I could feel all my Gram's love, gentleness and her belief in me.  I could feel her spirit by my side and her arms around me letting me know everything would be alright.

I now have this note tucked safely in a place where I can always find it.  However, most times, I don't really need to see it.  I know Gram is always with me.  Thank you, Gram.  I love you.

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