Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photo-a-Day - July 2012 - Day 8: Collection

Photo-a-Day - July 2012 - Day 8: Collection 
In my house, the challenge was not finding a collection--my entire house seems to be various collections--, but selecting one collection.  Looking for something a bit different, I remembered my figural napkin rings.

The genesis of the collection was my friend Edith Jones whose story I told in "On the Shelf".  One of the many collections Edith had was of antique sterling silver figural napkin rings.  They were absolutely delightful and such an entertaining way to start, and offset, a formal meal.

These are definitely neither antique nor sterling silver.  They are, however, replicas made by Reed and Barton of a series they made in 1824. 

I love doing casual-elegant meals with friends.  Casual-elegant is where you set a formal table but dine in casual clothes.  The napkin rings have become an expected part of the table.  The most fun is that I let everyone chose their own.

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