Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photo-a-Day - July 2012 - Day 4: Fun

Photo-a-Day - July 2012 - Day 4: Fun
My pal Jody.  We met in 1985 when we were both working at Oracle.  I was newly divorced, spending my first Christmas alone and had a tree I had cut myself (in a suit and heels) in the back of my car.  She was in purchasing and loading my home computer and modem (pre-laptop days) into my car and saw the tree.  The next day, I went back to the tree farm with her, helped her cut her cut a tree for her and her husband and we've been friends ever since.

Jody, a 23-year veteran of the Navy--3 years active, 19 reserves--was in Iraq during Desert Storm.  

We always have fun together, even when it's bringing the Jeep I bought from my parents up from Arizona.  We're very different--she is science-based, intellectual and does everything from DIY to fine lace knitting; I'm slightly fey and intelligent (which is different from intellectual) and do crochet and needlepoint.  She forgives me for not letting her put the dead coyote in the back of the car so she could boil it down and study the skeleton;I made her try snails (escargot) at a restaurant in Independence, CA, which she thought were "okay".

Jody is now divorced as well.  Our goal is to be two old crones, living in a duplex in Washington State where she can keep a garden and a pony; and I can watch her garden and ride in the pony cart.  She's my pal.

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