Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hooks and Needles for Charity

Children Receiving SAS Afghans

Crocheting for Charity has become a passion for me--Heartmade Blessings , Stitches from the Heart, Scarves for Special Olympics, Binky Patrol and, particularly, the wonderful group, Share a Square where pictures of the children receiving their quilts inspired us to make 150 afghans for the upcoming Summer 2012 Camp Quality kids with pediatric cancer. 

Unfortunately, Share A Square is ending at the end of this summer.   The wonderful Shelly Tucker,  group founder, will be going to school, learning to be a private investigator--how appropriate a link to this site.  Most of us who had belonged to the group are now looking for a way to feed our love of crocheting and benefit a worthy cause.   

Even, and somewhat especially, in these challenging economic times, we can let our hands and our hearts work to help others. 

 Hooks and Needles for Charity, is a list of charities I’ve found, including the ones listed above, yet I know there are so many others.  If you have other groups you’d like me to include, find I have listed groups that are no longer active, or if you would like to receive this as a Word.doc, feel free to message me –
L.J. Roberts

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Gift

Yesterday, I was cranky, cranky, cranky, cranky.  The contract job is ending and who knows when the next job may come.  My house is a mess, but my back isn't amused by the idea of cleaning, particularly not cleaning out closets.  My vacuum is broken and my taxes need to be done.  Last night was the meeting of my mystery readers' group and I realized I had read two books--two books for me who used to read 20 books in a month.   Nope, I was NOT in a good mood.

Then....I opened my front door and found a box.  A large box.  A large box from one of my on-line friends and crochet buddies.  And in that box was yarn; lovely, lovely yarn.  There's rich dark purple, and magenta, and burgundy, and gold, and ombres, and lovely greys and heathers and white--one can always use white.  Even more wonderful than the yarn, however, was knowing my friend had thought of me and knew how much I would love this.   That was the greatest gift of all.