Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo-a-Day - March 2012 - Day 31: Where You Relax

Photo-a-Day - March 2012 - Day 31: Where You Relax
Everything I need to relax is right here (counter-clockwise from bottom:
1.  An indestructible solid-slate top coffee table with yarn winder on which to put my feet and  place finished items.
2.  Sofa comfortable enough for reading, crocheting, watching movies, being on Facebook or napping.
3.  Pillows for my back, neck, fleece jacket and large afghan for when I'm cold, moist heating pad for when the nerves are acting up.
4.  Natural sunlight craft light along with huge windows that provide lots of true, natural light.
5.  Lots of candles and oil lamps...just in case.
6.  Table for tools:  crochet hooks, reading stand, scissors, tape measure, phone, etc.
7.  Second table for laptop, book/Kindle and can of Coke with the bag containing skeins of yarn for my current project--Ray's green and blue afghan--on the floor.

This is definitely Relaxation Central.