Friday, May 11, 2012

Photo-a-Day - May: Day 11: Kitchen

Photo-a-Day - May: Day 11: Kitchen
 This is the corner of my kitchen which is most meaningful to me.  Decorating my kitchen started with the lace curtains--they're a pair.  I ordered those form a Good Housekeeping magazine advertisement when I was 18 years old and thought someday I'd have the perfect place to hang them.  They stayed in their original packaging until I moved into this apartment in 2002.  I wanted more separation between my den and my kitchen; et voilà, a slightly French country theme was set.

The Mason jars, and very heavy ceramic rolling pin were Grandma Nissen's, the brass hot dog forks were made by my Grandpa Roberts from Victorian gas lamp parts.  The brass molds and tiles were eBay acquisitions.  The backsplash is by a lady I'd found through eBay who clearly wasn't a wine drinker as the glass is the wrong type for red wine.  But she was lovely and custom-pained it to my colors, design and size for $22 including shipping.

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