Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo-a-Day - June 2012 - Day 28: On the Shelf

Photo-a-Day - June 2012 - Day 28: On the Shelf
Many years ago, I met a wonderful Scotswoman named Edith Jones.   Edith was 72 and I was 30.  She lived with her brother and sister in a home filled with the most wonderful furniture and objects; the type of place where it was gracious and elegant, but never stuffy. 

Our relationship began as she had some items she wanted to sell; furniture and some china.  She didn't really need the money, but no longer had the need or space for them.  Edith would estimate their worth and sell them for less than half as it was more important that the buyer would love the pieces and take care of them.  It was thus I bought quite a few pieces of my furniture and a set of china.  But more, Edith created an objective in me of the type of environment, both physical and emotional, I wanted for my own place.

It wasn't purely a commercial relationship, however.  Many a wintery Sunday morning would find me with Edith in their parlor, fire crackling, and candles lit where we'd share conversation, tea, and homemade shortbread served on her set of Price Kensington cottage ware.

Edith's cottage ware stayed with her but, in time, I decided to collect several pieces for me.  I love my cottage ware; not only for their own charm, but for the memories they evoke of an interesting, gracious lady who shared some of her lovely things and wonderful Sunday conversations. 

Addendum:  Both Edith and I did needlepoint.  While looking on eBay for cottage ware for my collection, I came across this hand-stitched, well used, well loved tea cozy from Scotland.  Fanciful I may be, and am, but it seemed to be a wee gift from Edith.  Thank you, Edith.


  1. I have a small collection of milk pitchers that look like houses. Love them.

    PS - is that the way to spell pichers? My spell checker seems to think so.

  2. I love pitchers and, if let loose, would definitely collect them. And it is spelled pitcher. ☺