Thursday, December 4, 2014

Supping with the Devil by Sally Spencer (aka Alan Rustage)

First Sentence: The weathermen said it was going to be the hottest summer for fifty years, and on all the available evidence so far, they were right.
DCI Monika Paniatowski has a boss who is determined to ruin her career.  Her latest assignment takes her away from her team and places her as a security advisor for the rock festival being put on by the Earl of Ridley.  But she’s only allowed in the house, whereas security for the grounds and even are being handled by the Devil’s Disciples motorcycle gang.  Things change when the body of a tabloid journalist is found.
Sally Spencer is a prolific author of three mystery series.  Monika Paniatowski was first introduced to us in the 5th Charlie Woodend book, “The Golden Mile to Murder.”  That said, it’s not necessary to have read that, or any of the previous books in this series as Spencer is very adept at giving us all the background we need to know about the characters within each book.  This is a wonderful skill as new readers don’t feel they’ve missed anything.  It is nice to see the way the series are somewhat blended as Woodend did make an appearance in this book.
Monika is something of a tough character to like, but there are good reasons for that, of which we learn.  Even so, she is respected and appreciated by her team.  All except for DCI Wellbeloved, who is anything but.  That is balanced out by DS Meadows who is sharp, tough and has an interesting background of her own.  If you like a badass, female cop, you’ll love Meadows.
The story has very good plot twists.  Spencer is very good at the unexpected, at the same time presenting a strong, accurate perspective on the issues with which career women have had to deal; both in the 70s and today. 
Supping with the Devil’ is filled with excellent twists, turns and revelations.  Spencer has become one of my favorite authors.

SUPPING WITH THE DEVIL (Pol Proc-DCI Monika Panatowsk-England-Contemp-1976) – G+
Spencer, Sally (aka Alan Rustage) – 8th in series
 Severn House, 2014

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