Friday, May 15, 2015

Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

First Sentence:  It isn’t the rumbling of the trucks that seizes Manfred Bernardo’s attention; it is the silence that falls when their ignitions die.
Midnight, Texas is a town few people visit.  That’s just fine with the assortment of unusual and unique residents.  Yet into this town comes outsiders.  However, it’s when physic reader Manfred travels to Dallas that troubles begin as his client suddenly dies during her reading.   Accused of murder and stealing the woman’s jewels, trouble follows him back to Midnight.
There’s no doubt that one should start with the previous book of this series, “Midnight Crossroad.”  However, fans of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse, will certainly enjoy this new series.  It’s even nice that there are some crossovers between the series.
Unfortunately, this read more as a first, than second series book to be in that so much time was spent introducing us to the various characters.  While backstory is good, it does not substitute for plot.  The good thing is that each of the characters is unique, likable and strangely fascinating. 

Day Shift” is a delightful book for lovers of paranormal/fantasy in general and Charlaine Harris in particularly.  It is a fun, quick, guilty-pleasure read.

DAY SHIFT (Para/Fantasy-Manfred Bernardo-Midnight, TX-Contemp) – G+
Harris, Charlaine – 2nd in series
Ace – May 2015

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