Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Outfoxed by David Rosenfelt

First Sentence:  I’ve been enjoying work lately.
Defense attorney Andy Carpenter spends most of his time as partner of a dog rescue group.  When a former white-color-crime client escapes from prison, taking with him his puppy-for-prisoners program dog, and is accused of murdering his soon-to-be-ex-wife and former partner, Andy finds he has no choice but to get back into the legal game.  He just didn’t expect it to be as dangerous as it is.
What an excellent cast of characters with Andy, his wife Laurie, partner Willie, Marcus, and others.  We are easily introduced to each of them and provided their backgrounds in such a way that readers new to the series need not feel lost or confused.  And although there are not nearly as many characters as some authors include, Rosenfelt has a nice way of, within the plot, reminding one of whom some characters are and their role in the story.
Rosenfelt is the master of dry, biting humor—“Sam does not realize it, but he’s two boring sentences away from strangulation.”  Who has not known someone about whom they feel that way? 
One issue with having a wealthy protagonist is his ability to buy information; money is no object.  It does feel a bit too easy at times.  However, the information on online betting is quite interesting.
There are a number of threads to the plot.  Whilst one doesn’t know quite where the author is going with them, one does know to trust the author.  Rosenfelt does an excellent job of taking those seemingly loose threads, making their importance clear, and finally tying them all together.  His courthouse scenes are very well done.  The author does an excellent job of explaining various aspects of the law.
Outfoxed” is a very good read with action, suspense, legal and courtroom drama, a dash of wry humor, and a very satisfactory ending.

OUTFOXED:  An Andy Carpenter Mystery -(Legal Thriller-Sam Carpenter-NJ, Contemp) – VG
      Rosenfelt, David – 14th in series
      Minotaur Books – Reprint Edition June 2017

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