Thursday, June 27, 2019

A Man With One of Those Faces by Caimh McDonnell

First Sentence: "You remember Alan, Robert's first cousin from Clare?"
Paul Malchrone has a face that doesn't stand out and that makes elderly people think he's a relative.  When visiting a nursing home, Nurse Brigit Conroy aska that he visit Martin Brown, a patient whose had no visitors since being admitted.  Unfortunately, Brown mistakes Paul for being the nephew of an enemy and nearly kills Paul.  This sets Paul and Brigit down a dangerous path, helped by D.S. Bunny McGarry, Paul's former mentor.  The question is whether they can survive.
Ah, the Irish is thick here and the author's voice plays into what one thinks of as classic perception—"You do realise that just saying 'no offence' does not magically make whatever you say inoffensive?"—and humor—"The fox was now sniffing at the sandwich it had retrieved.  Rather than eating it, it elected to urinate on it instead.  As reviews went, it was pretty damning."
It's the characters who truly drive the story. Paul, the granny whisperer, is delightful and quirky. When joined with Bridgit. Dr. Singh, D.S. Bunny McGarry, the lawyer's secretary, and others, and when combined with the situational humor, one can be assured of laughing through the entire book…almost.  One might even find oneself using the phrase "fair play" on occasion.
The plot moves along at a brisk pace and is one where everything falls brilliantly into place in the end with a wonderful rescue scene.  One should definitely read the epilogues, as well as give the author credit for some well-done self-promotion.

"A Man With One of Those Faces" does get a bit silly at times, but this isn't intended to be a serious book.  Still, McDonald does balance the humor with insight, tension, and suspense.  Happily, there are more books in the series.

A MAN WITH ONE OF THOSE FACES (AmaSleu-Paul Malchrone-Dublin, Ireland-Contemp) - VG
      McDonald, Caimh – 1st of series
      McFoir Ink – Aug 2016


  1. I do like stories with some wit in them. And the plot sounds interesting, too. I've never heard of a 'granny whisperer" before, but I can see how someone like that could get involved in other people's personal lives. And he sounds like an interesting character, too. Glad you enjoyed this.