Thursday, December 1, 2022

Three Pines: The television series

IIPMO - LJ's Review: "THREE PINES, an Amazon Prime television series based on the books by Louise Penny.
From the opening scene where we see Gamache reprimand a young officer, to where he gives the indigenous family a ride home, Alfred Molina is excellent as Gamache, capturing his compassion, his sense of justice, and later, his occasional humor. His face is expressive, often conveying more emotion than could words.

The casting of the Three Pines residents is excellent, and the inclusion of Tantoo Cardinal's character is one I can see Louise incorporating into a future book. I did always envision Jean-Guy as somewhat younger and clean-shaven, but I can deal with that.
The story of the missing indigenous women is an important part of Canada's sad story that needs to be told. I appreciated that the principal photography occurred between August and early December of 2021. No fake winter here. The winter scenes made one feel the cold.
This is no Cabot Cove. The story had a darkness to it as befits a murder investigation. The inclusion of the bluejay and Gamache's dreams only enhanced the atmosphere and seriousness of the plot. And serious it is with significant hits to the heart.
THREE PINES, Season 1 has eight episodes and is a series I highly recommend. Not only am I looking forward to the next 6 episodes, but very much hope for Seasons 2, 3, 4, ...
THREE PINES Produced by Left Bank Pictures
Released December 1, 2022 Rating: Ex

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