Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo-a-Day - Oct 2012 - Day 01: Basket

Photo-a-Day - Oct 2012 - Day 01:  Basket
Although I took this at my friend Jody's house, it so made me think of my grandmother.  I first remember her using a wash tub and hand-crank mangle.  She would then take the wet clothes down to the clothing line, in her dress and stockings and flat shoes.  There she would pin them to be dried in the sunshine and fresh Iowa air.  Many years later, they did have an automatic washer and even a dryer, but she would only use the dryer on rainy days or in winter. 

There are many way in which my friend reminds me of my grandmother; her ability to do so many different things from very fine knitting (gram did all kinds of needleart), to gardening, to cooking and baking.  The only thing gram didn't do was household repairs, as that was grampa's job.  But as with gram, when she can, Jody dries her clothes on an outdoor line.

The one thing on which we all agree is that there is nothing like clothing and bedding which smells of sunshine.

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