Friday, October 26, 2012

Photo-a-Day - October 2012 - Day 26: Stone

Photo-a-Day - October 2012 - Day 26:  Stone
When I lived in Boston, Deb Simmons was my friend and traveling buddy.  We'd toss a mattress in the back of her "Blue Bomb" station wagon and hit the road on weekends. 

One of our trips was the Kancamagus Highway in Northern New Hampshire, a 34-mile stretch of fabulous scenery on Route 112.  One of the stops we made was a walk back to Champney Falls.  It was the walk from hell!  The no-see-ums--nearly invisible biting midges--we fit do drive one mad.  They'd get into your ears, nose, mouth; everywhere.  We had no idea how long was the walk and kept threatening we'd turn back but, at the same time, thinking we were almost there.  We had no idea the walk takes about 1.25 hours each way.  But we wouldn't give up.

Finally, we reached our goal.  Oh, no!  We also hadn't thought about having come at the end of the summer so the falls, which are not very high, were only a trickle.  However, nature compensates.

The falls are set amongst the pine and hardwood forest.  The pool below the falls was stunning and absolutely crystal clear. 
We barely talked, while we were there.  It was green and quiet.  We let the peace surround us.  We waded in the cold, mountain water and truly felt that this was where God lives, however you define her.I took very few photos there, but this one of the stones at the bottom of the pool seen through the water with the dancing light is one I've always particularly loved.  It reminds me of the beauty and sharing the experience with a special friend.

Our walk out was similarly blessed.  I'd like to think it was due to the sense of total peace we'd gained but I'm certain it was more to the time of day.  Whatever the cause, the no-see-ums were gone and we strolled quietly out of the forest and back to the car.

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