Friday, February 13, 2015

Red Eye by Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly

First Sentence:  As a practice, Harry Bosch did his best to Stay out of Tunnels but as he came out of Logan Airport, a tunnel was unavoidable—either the Ted Williams or the Sumner, take your pick.
Los Angeles detective Harry Bosch is way outside his patch and finds himself traveling to Boston--Jamaica Plain to be exact--where he is tracking down the suspect in a 15-year-old murder.   He is not alone, however, and finds himself being watched by local P.I. Patrick Kenzie who is looking into the disappearance of a seventh-grade girl.  It only makes sense for LA and Boston to join forces.
It’s hard to beat having two of our finest procedural authors join forces.  They both have such wonderful and distinctive voices.  It’s delightful having Bosch out of his comfort zone…”The passage was wall to wall with cars and trucks—a river of steel under the river of water, only one of them flowing at the moment.”
The meeting of the two characters is a very good exchange of “I’ll show you mine..” with good contracts between the LA and Boston styles.
RedEye” is an excellent collaboration from two very fine authors, with very good suspense and a great last line. 

"Red Eye" is also available as part of the anthology "Face Off" with stories from some of today's best mystery authors.

RED EYE (Pol Proc/PI – Patrick Kenzie/Harry Bosch – Boston – Contemp-2005) – Ex
Lehane, Dennis / Michael Connelly – Original Short eStory available through Amazon Kindle
Simon & Schuster – November, 2014 

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