Monday, February 16, 2015

The Necklace Affair by Ashley Gardiner

First Sentence:  On an evening in late March 1917, I climbed to the third floor of Lucius Grenville’s Grosvenor Street house in search of peace, and found a lady weeping instead.
A society matron implores Captain Lacey to locate her missing necklace in order to provide the innocence of her maid.  With the help of his friends, Lady Breckenridge, Lucius Grenville and two of his staff, the path leads them to scandals and secrets from the past, as well as in competition with the dangerous criminal, James Denis.
Followers of this wonderful series will appreciate this ten-chapter novella, set between “The Sudbury School Murders” and “A Body in Berkeley Square.   However, this story is also an excellent introduction for new readers.
Gardner absolutely knows how to capture the reader’s attention from the very beginning.  She does an excellent job of capturing the flavor of speech from the period, without it being overdone, and the wry humor is delightful.  The descriptions of meals are nearly painful to read due to their lusciousness and ability to leave one nearly desperate to partake. 
Gardner is particularly adept at providing background details of each character, almost without seeming to.  We even learn the particulars of Lacey’s past injuries.  The characters are fascinating, particularly with the contrast of light—Granville—and dark—Denis.  One can’t help but enjoy the relationship between Lacy and Lady Breckenridge. Marianne is a treat and adds a wonderful twist to the plot
The Necklace Affair” is so well done with a very good plot twist and justice being served in a most satisfactory manner.

In addition to the stand-alone ebook, you may also obtain the story in the paperback or ebook antohology "The Necklace Affair:  and Other Stories."

THE NECKLACE AFFAIR (Hist Myst – Captain Lacey – London  - 1817/Regency) - Ex
Gardner, Ashley – Early in the series yet only recently published
Amazon Digital Services, Inc. – January 2014

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