Thursday, August 23, 2018

Desolation Mountain by William Kent Krueger

First Sentence: He watches the boy on the steep rise above him.
A private plane crashes on Desolation Mountain.  Among those on board were Senator McCarthy and most of her family.  Getting to the crash site and investigating the wreckage isn't as routine as normal. Barriers are erected, first responders disappear, and it appears to Cork O'Conner and his son Stephen that something darker is at work.  Cork meets up with private security consultant Bo Thorson, but even his motives become questionable as they find the danger at hand is far greater than imagined.
To begin with a conversation between Stephen O'Connor and Ojibwe Henry Meloux, is to begin with wisdom and beauty.  Henry's philosophies are ones from which we could all learn.   This is in spite of the ominous nature of the vision Stephen had, the latest of visions he has had all his life.  One can only imagine how terrible it would be to experience visions which foretell only terrible things and which come to pass.
Krueger's character descriptions can be unusual, yet very visual—"Monkey Love looked like the Devil had walked all over him, the result of years of addiction to booze and drugs. …He had unusually long arms and fingers—he'd been called Monkey all his life--…"  Although Bo Thorson was in a previous book, the author wisely doesn't assume readers will have read that book, nor remember the character.  Instead, he provides a well-done introduction to Bo, and to Bo's pragmatism which is both admirable and sad.
It is hard to explain the wisdom conveyed by Krueger through his characters except to say it rings more true than anything one is normally taught.  It truly makes one think about everything by which we are surrounded.  Even so, the question is raised as to who can be trusted.
Krueger is very good at creating a sense of danger, especially at points of calm.  When action does occur, it is very effective.  Such good suspense is created by taking one up to a point of resolution and then introducing a complete plot twist. 
As is known from recent events, there are none more destructive than those who believe they know better than others.  At the end is a statement those who follow the series will acknowledge as being true, although a sadder fact has rarely been written.  Yet, there is a contrasting truth to which one must hold strong. 
"Desolation Mountain" is yet another wonderful book by Krueger.  It is suspenseful and exciting, as well as thought-provoking. It exposes things which are painful while creating hope.

DESOLATION MOUNTAIN (Susp-Cork O'Connor-Minnesota-Contemp) Ex
      Krueger, William Kent – 17th in series
      Atria Books – Aug 2018

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  1. Krueger really does develop his characters effectively, doesn't he? And this premise sounds very interesting. Glad you enjoyed it.