Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photo-a-Day - July 2012 - Day 25: Heart

Photo-a-Day - July 2012 - Day 25: Heart - And every heart has a story...
Top Left:  It's a simple little heart, stitched in the days when I'd do a small gift for each of my family members at Christmas.  Gram Nissen was a quilter who loved Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch patterns so this was for her.  It hung by her bed until she passed when my Mom sent it back to me.  It now hangs in my kitchen and always will until it's my turn.  Gram was a very special lady, a huge influence in my life and who I am today.  I love you, Gram.

Top Right:  I have a friend whom I've known since we were both 11 years old.  We've always said we are sisters of the heart as we are so strongly connected.  In spite of living 3,000 miles apart for the past 37 years, it's as though no time or distance separates us.  One of the things that amuses us most is how often we end up buying the exact same things; televisions, microwaves, glasses frames--same make, same model, same color.  We even each bought ourselves the same gold hearts without the other knowing.  She truly is the soeur de la coeur.

Bottom Left:  Another dear friend is a glass blower and makes exquisite beads and jewelry.  These heart pendants are from her.  The red/orange heart she made for my birthday one year but a few months later, she made me the heart on the left to console me for the death of my beautiful pure white cat, Bianca, who had bi-colored eyes; one green, one blue.

Bottom Right:  I used to collect angels.  Yet a third friend gave me the wonderful angel and heart bracelet--just because she knew I'd like it.  She was wrong; I love it and her.

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