Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Photo-a-Day - November 2012 - Day 20: Grateful

Photo-a-Day - November 2012 - Day 20: Grateful
I'll freely admit there are days when it's hard for me to step back and realized just how blessed I am.  Assembling this collage reminded me of just some of the things for which I am grateful:

-  My dear friends Carol and Ron who have made me part of their family
-  SASsy Stitchers; my Facebook and Ravelry group of wonderful women who love working with fibers and have become my friends
-  Books and my passion for reading which transports me to other times and places
-  The other members of the fabulous foursome--Georgianne, Jody and Priscilla

-  My wonderful, wonderful parents
-  Picture This! which has become my on-line family; I can't say how much I love them all
-  Nature which sustains my soul and connects me to the universe
-  T.S. Elliot and Tigger, my buddies, cuddlers, source of amusement

-  Crocheting for charity which keeps me mindful that there are millions of others whose lives are much harder than mine
-  Doctor Who but more for all the friends who indulge my love for that wonderful show.

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