Friday, November 9, 2012

Photo-a-Day - November 2012 - Day 9: Tapestry

Photo-a-Day - November 2012 - Day 9: Tapestry
 Perhaps in a previous life, I froze to death or at least lived somewhere where I felt I would never be warm.  For whatever reason, I have a passion for afghans and throws.  And, of course, also have a passion for books and collectibles.  When I saw the tapastry woven throw on the left, I fell in love with it.  My lovely parents gave it to me for Christmas one year.  Not only does it perfect match the chair on which it resides, but I love the colors reverse from a positive to negative, light to dark backgrounds--my personal favorite.

On the right is me at my parents place standing next to a tapestry from the Manufacture des Gobelins in France.  I was honestly a bit surprised, but very pleased, that my mother enjoys it being "just a little bit naughty". 

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