Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo-a-Day - December 2012 - Day 07: Decoration

Photo-a-Day - December 2012 - Day 07: Decoration
My current home doesn't lend itself to decorating for the holidays nearly as much as my last house did.  It's a shame as I have enough decorations for at least three trees plus.

One tree would be covered in, and surrounded by, needlepoint.  This is one of my favorite to the point where he is out all year.  When I bought the canvas, the background was completely white.  I couldn't have my Wizard Santa standing in thin air, so I created a stone floor, black background, and stone arch around him for the impression of him standing in a dark room or cave.  Then I went wild with metallic threads--white, gold, rose, red. green, yellow, bronze and silver.  The piece is about 10" tall, weighted to stand, and the bright and dark gold metallic braiding is the perfect finishing touch. 

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