Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Photo-a-Day - December 2012 - Day 18: Someone I Love

Photo-a-Day - December 2012 - Day 18:  Someone I Love
Definitely my parents, in spite of it being a poor quality photo.  I am very blessed to have wonderful parents.

This is from 1986.  Mom and dad used to rent a condo in Park City, Arizona during the summers to get away from the heat of Phoenix.  They would go up late May and return to Arizona at the end of September.  This year, I flew out to join them at the end of their stay.  We spent three days in Salt Lake City and Park City, then drove down through Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, over to Lake Powell, the Grand Canyon--where dad and I go up pre-dawn to watch the Canyon come to life--down through Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona,  and eventually to Sun City West, where they lived.  It was the best week-long trip filled with small side stops along the way.  But most of all, it was time the three of us spent together.

I visit them every year and talk to them all the time, but it was the last opportunity we had to make such a long road trip together. Happily, there were other, shorter trips and it was from them I learned the absolutely joy of taking a road trip. 

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