Friday, February 15, 2013

Photo-a-Day - February 2013 - Day 15: Something I've Learned

Photo-a-Day - February 2013 - Day 15: Something I've Learned
There is a technique, both in knitting and crochet, known as "entralac".  You start with a series of 1-xx center squares made on the diagonal, and build around that.  It's something I'd always wanted to learn, but never did. Until....

One of the members of my Facebook group "SASsy Stitchers" posted the link to an on-line tutorial.  One other member also wanted to learn, so we gave ourselves 4 hours and agreed we'd each post photos of our progress at the end of that time.  This is as much as I was able to do.

It's not that difficult a technique; the most difficult thing is remembering which direction to work when.  I'd like to make an entralac lapgham, but would probably need to go back and view the tutorials again.

The other thing I learned with this prompt, is that both "learned" and "learnt" are acceptable forms of the verb.  The only difference is that "learned" is more commonly American, whereas "learnt" is more commonly British English.  Ah, the things we learn.

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