Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo-a-Day - February 2013 - Day 21: Sand

Photo-a-Day - February 2013 - Day 21: Sand...
and a lot of shells. 

In 1975, when I decided to move from Boston to San Francisco, I also knew how much I'd particularly miss weekends on Clark's Island.  It became important that I bring a bit of it with me.  My friend Deb Simmons came to the Island with Christopher and me that final time.  There were took a bucket, went down to the beach and the rocks and gathered periwinkles.  I washed them, sanitized them in bleach, put them in a bottle and carefully packed it for it's cross-country journey. 

Now, 38 years later, that little bit of New England, periwinkles and Clark's Island beach sand, still resides on display here in California.

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