Friday, February 1, 2013

Photo-a-Day - February 2013 - Day 1: Cemetery

Photo-a-Day - February 2013 - Day 1: Cemetery
Spending yesterday afternoon driving and wandering around both the Mountain View and St. Mary's Cemeteries in Oakland, was good for me on many levels.  I've not been getting out very often.  Being outside on a sunny day of perfect temperature lifted my spirits.  Having a purpose, kept me involved and having fun.  Being on my own allowed me to wander at my own pace, without worry about boring someone else or slowing them down.

There were so many wonderful images I captured--many of which will show up for later prompts.  Interestingly, this was one of the last photos I took.

I absolutely love this piece.  From the casual way in which he sits, with one foot crossed over the other knee, to the shape and position of his toes and hands, to the contemplative expression on his face, to, most of all, the beautiful draping of the fabric, everything about it appealed to me.  I only wish I knew the meaning of the stars yoking his collar. 

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