Saturday, June 20, 2015

Finding Fraser by kc dyer

First Sentence:  I met Jamie Fraser when I was nineteen years old.
Emma Sheridan has had a series of less-than-auspicious jobs and relationships, a fact that her sister is happy to point out.  In frustration and depression, she decides to sell everything and travel to Scotland in search of a man who represents her ideal—Jamie Fraser from the book “Outlander”—writing a blog along the way. 
In Emma, Dyer has created a character with aspects which can be recognized by each of us, at some point of our lives.  Many of can us also sympathize with her relationship with her sister.  However, what is particularly nice is that the character grows and develops with the story. 
Emma has some help along with way from wonderful secondary characters, such Morag with the sheep farm, Katy the librarian, and Ashwin from the café in which Emma worked, and others.  There is a lovely cameo/homage to Diana Gabaldon, Herself, which is delightful.  And, it’s nice to know that the real Diana Gabaldon approves of this book
The book does have shades of “Julie and Julia,” but that’s okay.  One can appreciate that the blog segments are printed in courier; a nice touch, and it’s delightful to see her following grow.  It also becomes a lesson in distinguishing those who are fans, and those who are truly supportive fans.  There is even a bit of a mystery to the plot.
An exceptional aspect to the story is Ms. Dyers' ability to convey the beauty, power and history of Scotland, along with descriptions of Edinburgh Castle, and references to Braveheart and Canterbury Tales.  Dyers genuinely makes one feel her love for the country and its people.
Finding Fraser” is an absolutely delightful read, particularly for those of us who love the series “Outlander.” 

FINDING FRASER (Novel-Emma Sheridan-Scotland-Contemp) – Ex
Dyer, KC - Standalone
Lions Mountain Literary – May, 2015

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