Saturday, June 13, 2015

HADES by Candice Fox

First Sentence:  As soon as the stranger set the bundle on the floor, Hades could tell it was the body of a child.
Hades makes bodies disappear, but even he has a code by which he lives.  That includes raising two traumatized children, rather than disposing of them.   Det. Frank Bennett starts his new assignment being partnered with Eden Archer, whose previous partner was killed literally in front of her.  Although she’s unusual, Frank feels he can work with her.  Their first case is a bad one; toolboxes dumped in the harbor containing body parts.  Their challenge is to stop a serial killer while protecting the one victim who escaped.
The book opens with an incredible setting description, but this is not a place one really wants to be.  One also realized the protagonist is very different from the norm.  One ends the chapter with a definite sense of “Wow!”. 
The characters are fascinating.  Each one is deeply flawed, yet they also make you stop and think.  It is sadly brought home that racial discrimination exists everywhere.  Frank has a less-than-reputable past with domestic abuse and a DUI.  Eden and her brother are products of their past.  Martine, the survivor, is excellent in her strength and vulnerability; her emotions as a survivor define how no one else can truly understand what one has been though.  Hades, in an odd way, elicits the most empathy of them all. 

      “Hades” is very dark, yet it is compelling and extremely well written. It takes you places you don’t really want to go but can’t avoid. It leaves you uncertain as to whether you really want to read another in this series, yet knowing you probably will. 

HADES (Thriller/Pol Proc-Det. Frank Bennett-Sydney, Aus-Contemp) – VG+
Fox, Candice – 1st in series
Kensington – January 2015 

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