Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fire in the Sky by Andew Mayne

First Sentence: A rush-strained fishing trawler glides down the Mississippi river sending a wake across the water, gently rocking the houseboat.

FBI agent Jessica Blackwood is sent off to the Bayou of Louisiana with rookie agent Nadine. An elderly fisherman claims he’d seen the crash of an alien spaceship decades ago.

There’s no question that Jessica is a character about whom one is intrigued. Having her set off against the lightness of Nadine is a wonderful contrast. It also causes Jessica to take a hard look at herself, realize the source of her own, internal darkness and correct it.

Fire in the Sky” is a very short, intriguing story. It’s fun to watch how the mystery is resolved. For those not familiar with the author and protagonist, it is an excellent introduction to a fascinating series.

FIRE IN THE SKY (Pol Proc-Jessica Blackwood-Louisiana-Contemp) – G+
Mayne, Andrew – Short Story
Bourbon Street Books, May 2015

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