Thursday, October 29, 2015

Murder Most Historical by Ashley Gardner

First Sentence/First Story: The Poullard hotel much to dispel my misgivings about returning to Paris.

“THE BISHOP’S LADY” set in 1679 Paris - Okay

Émilié d’Armand is holidaying at the home of her friend and fellow lady-in-waiting to Marie-Therese. The woman in whose room she is staying died from an accidental fall down the stairs. But was it?

This was short, too short to really develop how the protagonist solved the puzzle, outside of being Sherlock Holmes. Still, the protagonist is demonstrates how clever and facile women of the aristocracy, particularly if they are widows, needed to be in order to survive.

“A SOUPҪON OF POISON” – 1880s London – Good

Kat Halloway is cook in the home of a wealthy bachelor. Kat is arrested when the man is found with one of her cooking knives in his back. However, she has a champion on her side, determined to prove her innocence.

This was very well done in that we are as much in the dark as it Kat. The character of young James is very appealing, as is the very mysterious Daniel. The romantic interest leads one to think this may have been, or may still be, intended for a new series. Very interesting and different method of murder.

“A MATTER OF HONOR” – London 1820s – G+

Although, this book is thought of as being “paranormal,” it really is not. If anything, it is a example of the power things have only if we believe they do. This really was a quite good morality lesson.

Murder Most Historical” is an enjoyable collection, particularly for those of us who are already fans of Ms. Gardner’s writing.

MURDER MOST HISTORICAL (SS-Various-England/France-Hist) – Good
Gardner, Ashley – Short Story Collection
JA / AG Publishing – May 2015

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